Welcome to Crafty Lil’ Fox!

My name is Melissa and I’m the designer and developer behind Crafty Lil’ Fox. I first opened the Crafty Lil’ Fox shop on Etsy in 2011 as a means to provide a hand-made experience to people looking for digital products. Having already run my own handmade store, opening a second store on that platform allowed me to provide websites, shop banners, print design or other tools to fellow makers looking to grow their own Etsy store.

With a number of years experience in digital design, including freelance and design studio experience, I aim to deliver strong solutions for online branding to individual artisans, small business owners and others working in creative industries. Having a keen interest in design and handmade products, I aim to provide websites that are stylish, functional and relevant for those producing artisan or hand-made products, and working in other creative fields.

A unique approach for small business

My goal is to work with each and every client to produce creative, distinctive websites that are as individual as your business – capturing those things that make you and your enterprise wholly unique.

To find out more about Crafty Lil’ Fox, please visit the web design and graphic design sections of the site, or contact me to discuss your web design needs.